2014 Conference Program

Friday, November 7


Business Meeting for Officers and Councilors of the Society


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New Research Forum

Chair: Austin Mason, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities & Carleton College

Reading the Premonstratensian Landscape: Women, Space, and Patronage in Northern France, ca. 1120-1400

Yvonne Seale, University of Iowa

Fontevraud, the Communities of Saint-Martin, and Queen Bertrade: Reconsidering Angevin Comital Policy in the Touraine in the Early Twelfth Century

Basit Qureshi, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

The Papacy and Creation of the Hungarian Empire

Joan Dusa, Independent Scholar

Bagels and coffee will be provided


Opening Remarks and Welcome


Presidential Address

Presiding: Richard Barton, University of North Carolina, Greensboro & Current President of the Haskins Society

How English Laws Were Written

Bruce O’Brien, Mary Washington University & Past President of the Haskins Society




Session 1: Crime and Punishment in Comparative Perspective

Chair: Constance Berman, University of Iowa

Wrongs – Compensation – Revenge: The Eddic Poems as a Gateway to Viking Age Notions of ‘Crime and Punishment’

Anne Iren Riisøy, Buskerud and Vestfold University College

Towards a Cultural History of Decapitation

Alan Cooper, Colgate University

Changing Legal Approaches to Adultery: The Evidence of the Fabliau Les Tresses

April Harper, State University of New York, Oneonta


Tea/Coffee Break


Session 2 Framing History: Re-presenting the Past in Word and Image

Chair: Robert Berkhofer, Western Michigan University

Unlocking the Past: History, Theology, and Devotion on the Christian Franks Casket

Katherine Cross, Wolfson College, Oxford and the British Museum

Foedus foedatum: Retrospectives (1016–1166) on Concord, Counsel, and Corruption in Post-Roman Britain

Emily Winkler, University College London

Abbatial Patronage and the Cult of the Saints at St Albans Abbey

Kathryn Gerry, Memphis College of Art

The Artistic Patronage of Robert of Torigni

Laura Cleaver, Trinity College Dublin



Saturday, November 8


Session 3 Dominus/Domina: Was There a Gendered Exercise of Power?

Chair: Amy Livingstone, Wittenberg University

The Biography of Emma “of Ivry”

Charlotte Cartwright, Arizona State University 

Distaff Dynastic Lordship? Evidence from the Conquest Generation

Laura Gathagan, State University of New York, Cortland

Lords or Ladies? Elisabeth and Eleanor of Vermandois and Succession, Governance, and Gender in the County of Vermandois

Heather J. Tanner, The Ohio State University




Session 4: Reconfiguring Relics, Saints, and Authority after Conflict

Chair: Jennifer Paxton, Catholic University of America

Holy Relics, Authority, and Legitimacy in Anglo-Saxon England and Ottonian Germany

Laura Wangerin, University of Wisconsin

The Fate of Anglo-Saxon Saints' Cults After the Conquest: The Case of St Æthelwold of Winchester

Rebecca Browett, Institute of Historical Research

Helena, Constantine, and the Angevin Desire for Jerusalem

Katie L. Hodges-Kluck, University of Tennessee




C. Warren Hollister Lecture

Presiding: Alex Knodell, Carleton College

Rural Settlement in Roman Britain and Its Significance for the Early Medieval Period: New Research and Perspectives

Martin Millett, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge




Session 5: Object Lessons: Material Evidence for Early Medieval Britain

Chair: Chris Lewis, King’s College, London

Recycling Roman-ness in Fifth-Century Britain

Robin Fleming, Boston College

Sitting on the Fence: The Staffordshire Hoard Find Site in Context

David Roffe, University of Oxford


Tea/Coffee Break


Session 6: The Scripts of Robert of Torigni: An Inquiry in Conjectural History

Moderator & Respondent: Thomas N. Bisson, Harvard University


Erik Kwakkel, Centre for the Arts in Society, University of Leiden

Patricia Stirnemann, IRHT, Paris

Elisabeth M. C. Van Houts, Emmanuel College, Cambridge

Benjamin Pohl, DAAD Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Cambridge

Participation by the audience


Party at Bill North’s House

Sunday, November 9


Session 7: The Perception and Practice of War

Session Chair: Steven Isaac, Longwood University

The Semipagano Tiranno – Rethinking the Perception of Muslim Soldiers under Roger II

Joshua Birk, Smith College

Trouble in Tripoli: Civil War and the Beginning of the End of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem,1277–1282

Jesse Izzo, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Military Entrepreneurs in the Armies of Edward I of England (1273–1307)

David Bachrach, University of New Hampshire




Session 8: New Approaches to the Naturalism of the Twelfth-Century Renaissance

Chair: John Cotts, Whitman College

Naturalism Beyond Mediation: William of Conches and Hildegard von Bingen

Willemien Otten, University of Chicago Divinity School

Videmus nunc per speculum: Toward a New Paradigm for Twelfth-Century Naturalism

Jason M. Baxter, Wyoming Catholic College

Nature and the Self in the Lyrics Attributed to Peter of Blois

Mary Franklin-Brown, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities




Featured Speaker

Presiding: Andrew Scheil, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities


Beyond the Obvious: Aelfric and the Authority of Bede

Joyce Hill, University of Leeds


Closing Lunch

A gentle reminder for those giving papers:

The point of giving a talk is as much about the questions and the conversation that arise during the Q&A period, as it is about the paper itself. Because of this, you are asked to stick closely to your allotted paper-giving time of 20 minutes. A 20-minute paper is generally a 10-page, 12-point-font typescript. Please be courteous to your fellow panelists and come prepared to give a paper of this length. Panel Chairs will be instructed (with, of course, a couple of minutes grace) to keep their panelists firmly to time.

For those using A/V:

The conference venue is equipped with a computer, connections for a laptop, a document camera, and a digital projector. If you are using a standard powerpoint presentation (Powerpoint, Keynote, Prezi), please make sure that you have it downloaded on a flash drive to expedite panel set up. We can also accommodate presenters using their own laptop. Please email conference organizers by October 15 (haskinsconference@gmail.com) regarding your use of AV (which program you will use); if you are not using A/V, no reply is necessary.


You will need to bring copies of your handout with you to the conference. Eighty copies should suffice.

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