Annual International Haskins Society Conference

November 2022: University of Richmond (Virginia)

After nearly two decades of being hosted (generously and foundationally!) by the University of Houston, the Haskins Society's International Conference has embraced a peripatetic approach in its next two decades. Each shift in location (Cornell, Georgetown, Boston College, Carleton College, UNC-Chapel Hill, and now, Richmond) has given us a fresh opportunity to welcome new colleagues and disciplinary perspectives alongside stalwarts who can still count on just a finger or two the conferences they've missed in 40+ years.

Planning for the November conference has been afoot for two years already, but with the transition now upon us, details will soon be appearing. While we are planning (at this moment) for an in-person conference, no one can say what health and safety concerns we may face later in the year. For two years, our organizers have adapted nimbly to ever-changing conditions. Your new hosts plan to do no less, if need be.

Stay tuned...

Affiliated Conferences

    • October 28, 2022
    • (EDT)
    • October 30, 2022
    • (EDT)
    • University of Richmond (Richmond, VA)

    The 41st International Conference of the Haskins Society

      28-30 October 2022

    University of Richmond (Virginia)

    Registration is open! Click the silver button below to the left to get started.
    More information on lodgings, area attractions, travel, etc., is now available via the menus above.

    Please note several extra opportunities for participants in the conference:
    • The Hybrid Haskins
    As part of our effort to protect the health of colleagues, but also to give as wide an access as possible to scholars for whom distances and budgets remain a barrier, we are offering online access to the conference at no fee.  Those opting for this route still need to register, so that we'll know whom to unlock access for.  We know there are generous colleagues who may need to connect electronically, but who will wish still to support the Society by registering under a paid option. We thank you! And we will send you an access code as the conference approaches.
    • Support for Graduate Students

    In order to encourage and support rising scholars, graduate student members of the Society are eligible to receive support from the Thomas Keefe memorial fund to cover the costs of registration. In addition, thanks to generous support from Society members, a number of bursaries, in the form of three nights’ paid-for accommodation in the conference hotel, are available.

    • Bethell Prize

    Papers by graduate students, untenured faculty, and independent scholars are eligible for the Denis Bethell Prize. For details, see the "Denis Bethell Prize" link here or under the Journal menu above.

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