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Welcome to the Haskins Society's bank of medieval images. Over the years, our members have pursued their researches on-site as well as in countless archives across Europe. Here, as a cooperative aid to educators everywhere, we've uploaded many photos as a resource (often for lesser well-known sites, but also for the kinds of details that naturally attract the medievalist's eye) for fellow teachers and professors to use.  With the limitation that the use of these photos will only be in the context of non-profit education, these photos are yours for the downloading.

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Updated on: October 02, 2015
Tombstone of William the Conqueror in Caen, Normandy.
Nave and ceiling of St. Savin (Vienne-86), France. "The Romanesque Sistine"
Saint Savin Abbey (Vienne-86) France
Interior of St-Pierre, Chauvigny (Vienne-86), France
Capital from the old abbey of Saint Hilaire de la Celle, Poitiers (Vienne-86), 2nd half of the 12C, now in the Musée de Saint-Croix
Sainte Radegonde, Poitiers, France, tower over entry.
Corbel, north wall, Sainte Radegonde, Poitiers, France.
Corbel, north wall, Sainte Radegonde, Poitiers, France.
Tomb for Richard the Lionheart's human heart in Rouen Cathedral.
Effigy of Richard the Lionheart above his tomb in Fontevraud Abbey, France.
Notre-Dame Cathedral, a January morning in Paris.
Details of the transept bell tower, Notre-Dame-la-Grande, Poitiers, France.
Above the vaults, under the roof, at Notre-Dame-la-Grande, Poitiers.
Castle of Mauzun, (Puy-de-Dôme), France. 13th Century.
Cardiff Castle: motte and bailey of late 11th century; shell-keep of the early 12th century.
Chauvigny (Vienne), France: a medieval skyline.
Rochester Castle: the keep (12th century) constructed by William of Corbeil.
Angers (Maine-et-Loire), France: early 13th century.
Parthenay, Medieval Street Scene
Parthenay, Medieval Street Scene
Parthenay, Medieval Street Scene
Model of the Norman countryside in the Middle Ages (Musée de Normandie in Caen Castle).
Chateau-Gaillard (Eure), France: Richard the Lionheart's innovative design for a castle in the 1190s. Detail of the inner curtain wall.

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