Denis Bethell Prize

The Bethell Prize honors the memory of Denis Bethell, late of University College, Dublin, whose tragically early death deprived us of a good friend and a fine scholar. The purpose of the prize is to encourage the presentation of high quality papers at conferences sponsored by the Haskins Society and in Haskins sponsored sessions at other conferences, and the submission of such papers to the Haskins Society Journal.

The prize is US $500 (or the sterling equivalent) and publication of a revised version of the winning paper in the Haskins Society Journal for the year when the paper was presented. (Following standard academic practice, the journal editor may request that the author make further revisions prior to publication.)

A list of past winners may be found here.


All conference papers presented by early career scholars (graduate students or non-tenured faculty) at any session sponsored by the Society during the 12 months of the membership calendar year are eligible - even if those conference papers could not be given because of the COVID crisis.  Besides the Haskins Society Conference itself, Haskins-sponsored sessions at the American Historical Association conference, the annual conference of the Medieval Academy of America, the annual International Medieval Congress at Kalamazoo, and the annual International Medieval Conference at Leeds are also eligible venues.  

The author of the paper must present the paper in person or virtually at the relevant conference and must be a member of the Haskins Society.  (Prospective presenters may contact the Society's treasurer about membership; note that the Society has a special student rate.)

You can download a membership form here.  


Entrants to the prize should submit a fully expanded, revised, and annotated version of the paper (between 9,000-10,000 words) to the Bethell Prize Coordinator / Editor of the Haskins Society Journal by 15 January for the annual cycle just conmpleted.  All submissions should be in conformity with the HSJ Style Sheet.  The essay should be submitted in electronic format along with contact information (affiliation and both postal and email address); please notify the Prize Coordinator in case of any changes.  Authors will be notified of the results of the competition in a timely manner.  Please note: Essays submitted for consideration for the Bethell Prize are subject to right of first refusal by the Haskins Society Journal.


The judge for all papers submitted during a 12-month cycle will be a scholar appointed by the Haskins Society Council. The name and address of the appointed judge will be announced in Haskins venues, on our Website, in conference brochures, and in various other announcements.

Judging Criteria 

The Bethell Prize Judge will evaluate the submitted papers according to the quality of argument and presentation, their original contribution to medieval scholarship, and their readiness for publication. The Judge may offer suggestions for revision to authors and may pass such suggestions to the editor of the Haskins Society Journal.


The winner of the Bethell Prize will be announced in Society news and communications as well as on the Society's website. If the winner is able to attend the next Fall's annual Haskins Society Conference, she/he will be congratulated then. The financial award and further details will be mailed to the winner.

Papers submitted for the Prize, but not selected, may be chosen for publication in the Journal subject to the Journal's regular double-blind peer review process.

Bethell Prize Coordinator

William North

Editor, Haskins Society Journal

Department of History

Carleton College 

1 North College Street

Northfield, MN 55057

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