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  • Tombstone of William the Conqueror in Caen, Normandy.
  • Nave and ceiling of St. Savin (Vienne-86), France. "The Romanesque Sistine"
  • Saint Savin Abbey (Vienne-86) France
  • Interior of St-Pierre, Chauvigny (Vienne-86), France
  • Capital from the old abbey of Saint Hilaire de la Celle, Poitiers (Vienne-86), 2nd half of the 12C, now in the Musée de Saint-Croix
  • Sainte Radegonde, Poitiers, France, tower over entry.
  • Corbel, north wall, Sainte Radegonde, Poitiers, France.
  • Corbel, north wall, Sainte Radegonde, Poitiers, France.
  • Tomb for Richard the Lionheart's human heart in Rouen Cathedral.
  • Effigy of Richard the Lionheart above his tomb in Fontevraud Abbey, France.
  • Notre-Dame Cathedral, a January morning in Paris.
  • Details of the transept bell tower, Notre-Dame-la-Grande, Poitiers, France.
  • Above the vaults, under the roof, at Notre-Dame-la-Grande, Poitiers.

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