39th International Haskins Conference, 31 October -1 November, 2020

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All times are Central Standard Time

(We will have a time change overnight Sat-Sun, where clocks drop back 1 hr)

                                             Saturday October 31 (all times Central Time)                                  


Featured Speaker:

Carl Watkins (University of Cambridge)

Purgatory Revisited: Topographies of the Afterlife from the Age of Bede to the End of the Middle Ages

Chair: Nick Paul (Fordham University)


Session 1: Thinking about People and History in Medieval England and Wales

Chair: Joshua Byron Smith (University of Arkansas)

Speaker 1: Owain Wyn Jones (Bangor University)

“Celts Legends, Tradition: Rethinking the Range of Twelfth-Century Historical Writing in Wales”

Speaker 2: Thomas Lee Davies (Bangor University)

“Being Neighborly: Image, Identity, and Cultural Emulation in Medieval Wales, 1100-1350”

Speaker 3: Emily A. Winkler (St. Edmund Hall, Oxford University) “Three Ways to Identity in Britain’s Historical Writing, 1150-1200”



Session 2:      Carolingian Reform and its Consequences and Connections

Chair: Valerie Garver (Northern Illinois University)

Speaker 1: Rogerio Tostes (University of Évora)

“The Semantic Basis of Political Decisionism: Princeps and

Communitas in Manegold of Lauterbach”

Speaker 2: Alison Gose (UNC- Chapel Hill)

“The Great Winnowing: A Carolingian Reform Project”

Speaker 3: Andrew Rabin (University of Louisville)

“Wulfstan’s Hagiopolis: The Carolingian Reform and the Origins of the Holy Society”



Lunch: “Publishing your research: A Discussion with Caroline Palmer”


Session 3:      Making Cistercian Worlds

Chair: William Purkis (University of Birmingham)

Speaker 1: Emmie Rose Price-Goodfellow (University of York)

“Cistercian Thought-‘Worlds’: The World Outside the Monastery in Two Cistercian Exempla Collections”

Speaker 2: Ruth Cline (Georgetown University) “Tiron: Precursor of Cîteaux”


Social Hour

A lightly curated conversation, broken into smaller groups for lively discussion. Groups will rotate so that you can meet new people and catch up with old friends.

Sunday, 1 November

(Please remember the time change: clocks fall back 1 hour)


Flash/New Research Session

Chair: Austin Mason (Carleton College)

Speaker 1: Craig Hambling (Birkbeck College)

"The Sensory Experience of Martial Training in the Middle Ages"

Speaker 2: Sally Gordon (Fordham University)

“Parallels in Medieval and Modern Financial Technologies” Speaker

3: Rachel Stone (University of Bedfordshire) “How to Write a History of the Patriarchy”

Speaker 4: Jason Stubblefield (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)

"The Lamentations of William of Malmesbury: A Prolific Historian's Theological Contribution”

Speaker 5: Myra Bom (Independent Scholar) “The Seal of Constance of France”


Featured Speaker
Lisa Fagin Davis (Medieval Academy of America/Simmons University)

"Fragmentology in Practice: A Medieval Manuscript Workshop”

 Chair: William North (Carleton College)


Session 4: Power, Place, and Narrative in Early Medieval Italy and Francia

Chair: Gregory Halfond (Framingham State University)

Speaker 1: Samuel Barber (Cornell University) “Navigating Crisis in Ostrogothic Italy”

Speaker 2: Laury Sarti (Albert-Ludwigs University of Freiburg) “The Gundovald-Affair and the End of imperial Francia (581–585)”

Speakers 3: Fabio Carminati (Associazione Capiate-Radici nel Futuro ONLUS) and Andrea Mariani (Centro de Investigação Transdisciplinar«Cultura, Espaço e Memória» Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto, Portugal)

“The Overcoming of Old Postulates: the Case of the Insula Comacina"


Lunch (includes Medieval Toolkit & Haskinsiana)

Medieval Toolkit: Rethinking Outreach and Medieval Narratives

The Medieval Toolkit seeks to de-radicalize the medieval period broadly defined as it has been used to legitimize extremist positions and violent actions. We help our partners to deal with the linguistic and ethical challenges involved in reporting about extremist uses of medieval symbols, narratives, and metaphors in order to legitimize violence.

Presentation: Carolyn Quijano (Columbia University)

With discussants from the project:

Robin Reich (Columbia  University) Claire Dillon (Columbia  University) Adam Matthews (Columbia University) Deborah Shulevitz (Columbia University) Sarina Kuersteiner (Columbia University)

Emma Marie Le Pouesard (Columbia University)



Session 5: Narrative Frontiers in the Twelfth Century

Chair: Katherine Weikert (University of Winchester)

Speaker 1: Gabriela Faundez-Rojas (University of Miami)

“Denis Piramus’ La Vie Seint Edmund: Translating Cultural Identities in the Anglo-Norman World”

Speaker 2: Andrew Buck (University College Dublin)

“‘Writing the History of a New State in the Twelfth Century: William of Tyre and the First Crusade”

Speaker 3: Abigail Monk (Aberystwyth University)

“Pushing Boundaries: Monastic Disobedience in the Historia Ecclesiastica of Orderic Vitalis”


Session 6: Critically Reading Medieval Maps

Chair: Andrew Galloway (Cornell University)

Speaker 1: John Wyatt Greenlee (Cornell University)

“Stealing A March or Two: How Matthew Paris Mapped Wales as a Province of England”

Speaker 2: Helen Davies (University of Colorado- Colorado Springs)

“Cartographic Comparisons: A New Approach to Medieval Mappae Mundi”

Speaker 3: Chris Rouse (University of Birmingham)

“Omission Statement: Mapping Prester John’s Absence in Medieval Cartography"

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