2023 Conference Program

(with suggestions below for presenters)

(All Sessions: Jepson Alumni Center, Univ. of Richmond)


Thursday, 2 November


Arrivals / Gatherings


Friday, 3 November


11:00-- Onsite Registration Opens @ Jepson Alumni Center
Boxed Lunches
12:30-12:45  Welcome

Session 1 — Documentary creation and culture: scribes, notaries and witnesses

Chair: Robert F. Berkhofer III, Western Michigan University

“Lacunae in Literacy, the Scribes of Gloucestershire, and the Tumultuous Life of Amaury de Montfort (d. 1213)”

     ♦ Curtis Rager, Fordham University


“Parchment Power? The Toulousian Notariate and the Cathar Wars”
     ♦ L. Renato Grigoli, American Historical Association

“Beyond Proximity: The Attendance of Elite Witnesses at the Scottish Royal Court (1124-1249)”

     ♦ Alexander F. Crawford, Ave Maria University

Refreshment Break?


Session 2 —Lives & Afterlives of Early Medieval Stone Sculpture

Chair: Austin Mason, Carleton College

“Baptism in Stone in Early Medieval England and Wales”

     ♦ Carolyn Twomey, University of Nebraska–Lincoln


“Grave Contexts: Use and Reuse of the Northumbrian Name-Stones”

     ♦ Jill Hamilton Clements,University of Alabama at Birmingham


“Textual Adaptation Strategies in the Ruthwell Cross Inscriptions”

     ♦ Beth Newman Ooi, The Catholic University of America

“Visual Storytelling in Stone”

     ♦ Lilla Kopár, The Catholic University of America


Coffee/Tea Break


Session 3 — Warriors, Saints, and Slaves

Chair: William North, Carleton College

“Epic Avatars in High Medieval Hagiography: Transgression and Redemption in the Vitae of William of Gellone and Girard of Roussillon’”

     ♦ Douglass Hamilton, Fordham University


“Martial Masculinities in the Norman Conquest of the Mezzogiorno”      

     ♦ Daniel W. Morgan, North Carolina State University


“All Men are Either Free or Slave’: Bracton and the Roman Law of Slavery”

     ♦ Thomas J. McSweeney, College of William & Mary



Featured Speaker:
Courtney Luckhardt, University of Southern Mississippi

“Recreating Lost Early Medieval Spaces in Virtual Reality”

Presiding: Jennifer Paxton, Catholic University of America

Hors d’oeuvres and Cocktails @ Jepson Alumni Center


Saturday, 4 November


8:30-9:00  Coffee/Tea


Session 4 — History Writing in the 12th Century

Chair: Amy Livingstone, University of Lincoln (UK)

“What is Truth? Inventing History in the Vita Haroldi

     ♦ Jacqueline Burek, George Mason University


“Looking for their own place in tradition: the authorial strategies of late twelfth-century English historians”

     ♦ Stanislav Mereminskii, University of Moscow


“William of Malmesbury’s Moral Exegesis: Pride, Humility, and Dashed Hopes”

     ♦ Jason Stubblefield, University of Tennessee




Session 5 — Lost and Found: in Pursuit of the Material Culture of Late Medieval France

Chair: Tracy Chapman Hamilton, Sweet Briar College

“Marguerite of Provence and the Silver Ship: Material Culture and the Textual Record”

     ♦ Kathleen Nolan, Hollins University


“Textiles and identity in the Hours of Jeanne de Navarre”

     ♦ Rita Keane, Drew University


“Haptic Histories: The Social Life of Rings in Late Medieval French Inventories and Testaments”

     ♦ Mariah Proctor-Tiffany, California State Long Beach



 1:30-1:45 Announcements / The Paul Hyams Mentorship Award


Featured Speaker:
Louise Wilkinson, University of Lincoln, UK

“Foresters, Hunters and Trespassers: Women in the Medieval English Forest

Presiding: Steven Isaac, Longwood University

Transport to Agecroft Hall from Jepson Alumni Center


Cocktail Reception & Tour at Agecroft Hall & Gardens


Sunday, 5 November

 8:30-9:00  Coffee / Tea


The C. Warren Hollister Lecture
 Sharon W. Farmer, University of California, Santa Barbara


“The Cold War Made Me Do It:
Why I Became a Medieval Historian, and Why I Managed to Succeed

Presiding: Joanna Drell, University of Richmond


Break: Coffee/Tea


Session 6 — Webs of Power: Elite Influence and Friendship

Chair: Laura Gathagan, State University of New York at Cortland


“Gilbert Foliot’s Network of Friends: Episcopal Friendships and Administration in Twelfth-Century England”

     ♦ Yinwen Mai, University of Leeds


“Noblewomen’s Networks Across Twelfth-and Thirteenth-Century Iberia”

     ♦ Claire Carson Dwyer, Columbia University


“Narrative Composition and Dynastic Memory: Angevin Women in the Ernoul-Bernard Chronicle”

     ♦ Maria Carriere, Fordham University


Break: Coffee/Tea


Session 7— Manuscripts in Context: Liturgy, Ritual and Time

Chair: Richard Barton, University of North Carolina–Greensboro


“Medieval Dominicans in Colmar: Liturgical Manuscripts as Historical Sources”

     ♦ Kristina Kummerer, University of Notre Dame


“Were Knighting Rituals 'Rituals'?”

     ♦ Arnaud Montreuil, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi


“Wrestling with Portraying Time: Two Manuscripts of the Historia de regibus Annals”

     ♦ Katie Menendez, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

 1:00-- Boxed Lunches Pre-Ordered at Conference Registration

A reminder for those giving papers:

The point of giving a talk is as much about the questions and the conversation that arise during the Q&A period, as it is about the paper itself. Because of this, you are asked to stick closely to your allotted paper-giving time of 20 minutes (or 15  minutes in some cases). A 20-minute paper is generally a 10-page, 12-point-font typescript. Please be courteous to your fellow panelists and come prepared to give a paper of the prescribed length. Panel Chairs will be instructed (with, of course, a couple of minutes' grace) to keep their panelists to time. We would all like to hear your conclusions, but will be robbed of the pleasure if you have been dragged off the podium by your Chair.

For those using A/V:

There is standard A/V provision at the Jepson Alumni Center that meets routine conference needs – for example, PowerPoint presentations. If you have particular questions or requests, please contact Conference Lt.-Director Steven Isaac. Please keep in mind that we will also have online participants, so those using technology should be ready to share screens.


You will need to bring copies of any handout with you to the conference. Sixty copies should suffice.

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