2015 Conference Program


Friday, November 6



Business Meeting for Officers and Councilors of the Society



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New Research Forum


Presiding: Austin Mason, Carleton College


La Puissance du Choix: Women’s Economic Activity in Twelfth-and Thirteenth-Century Picardy

Heather Wacha, University of Iowa


A Social and Cultural History of the Court of King John

Hugh Thomas, University of Miami


Demographic Decline in the Early Middle Ages? The Perspective from the Crowd
Shane Bobrycki, Harvard University


Bagels and coffee provided






C. Warren Hollister Lecture


Presiding: Bruce O’Brien, Mary Washington College


The Place of Henry I in English Legal History

John Hudson, St. Andrew’s University





Session 1 Rethinking Legal Change in the Central Middle Ages


Chair: Laura Wangerin, University of Wisconsin, Madison


Legal Traditions and the Common Laws of the Middle Ages

Ada-Maria Kuskowski, Southern Methodist University


The Fourth Lateran Council’s Prohibition on the Ordeal and Roger Bacon’s Belated Defense of Divine Proofs

Karl Shoemaker, University of Wisconsin, Madison





Session 2: Space and the Operations of Justice and Rule

Chair: John Cotts, Whitman College


As Saints See: Legal Spaces Defined through Visibility and Observance

Adam Matthews, Columbia University


How Bishops Used Their Halls and Chambers in Later Thirteenth-Century England

Michael Burger, Auburn University, Montgomery



Tea/Coffee Break


Session 3 Norman Sicily, North Africa, and the Mediterranean


Chair: Joanna Drell, University of Richmond


The Normans in Africa and Ifrīqiyā

Matthew King, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities


The Lion and the Camel: The Mantle of Roger I and Siculo-Norman Relations with the Islamicate Mediterranean

Robin Reich, Columbia University


Were Sicily’s Norman Rulers Trying to Build a Mediterranean Empire?

Sarah Davis-Secord, University of New Mexico


North Africa and the End of Norman Sicily

Timothy Smit, Eastern Kentucky University





Saturday, November 7



Session 4: Agency and Gender in the Early Medieval Frankish World


Chair: Patrick Geary, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton University


Deviance, Violence, and Women in the Frankish World

Martha Rampton, University of the Pacific


Horror and Infidelity in the Stuttgart Psalter

Matthew Gillis, University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Women as Agents through the Creation of Textiles: A Comparative Approach

Valerie Garver, Northern Illinois University






Session 5 Women and Networks in the 12th and 13th Centuries


Chair: Heather Tanner, Ohio State University, Mansfield


Agnetes Dei : Agnès of Baudemont and Agnès of Briane as Monastic Patrons and Mediators

Yvonne Seale, University of Iowa


Re-Analyzing Aristocratic Women’s Role in Shaping Social Networks in Twelfth-Century England

Hanna Kilpi, University of Glasgow


Spinning Stories of Murder, Saints, and Bad Queens: Laying Claim to the Danish Throne in the Mid-Thirteenth Century

Kerstin Hundahl, Lund University







Featured Speaker


Presiding: Richard E. Barton, University of North Carolina, Greensboro


Blanche of Castile and the Culture of Death

Lindy Grant, University of Reading





Session 6 When Stones Speak: Text and Tomb in the Norman World


Chair: Nicholas Paul, Fordham University


Beaumont Tombs of Étival Abbey and the Construction of a Family Identity

Robert Marcoux, University of Laval


Funerary Epigraphy across Norman Europe: Written Commemoration of Death in Northern France, England, and Southern Itaty between the 11th and 12th Centuries

Antonella Undiemmi, Università degli Studi, Padova



Tea/Coffee Break


Session 7 Manuscripts and Their Agendas in the 11th and 12th Centuries


Chair: Marguerite Ragnow, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, James Ford Bell Library


Lost Libraries and Monastic Memories: Purpose and Origin of Eleventh-Century Novalsea Miscellany

Edward Schoolman, University of Nevada, Reno


Hec est armorum finalis causa meorum: The Morality of War in the Twelfth-Century “Relatio metrica de duobus ducibus

Scott Bruce, University of Colorado





Session 8 Digital Humanities@Haskins: Mapping and Modelling the Middle Ages


Chair: Alex Knodell, Carleton College


Urns in the Round? Re-imag(in)ing the Link between Anglo-Saxon Cremation Urns and Annular Brooches using Photogrammetry

Austin Mason, Carleton College


Re-envisioning the Past: Using SketchUp to Model Changes in Church Architecture and the Use of Religious Space

Christine Bertoglio, Boston College


The Oxford Outremer Map: The Possibilities of Digital Restoration

Tobias  Hrynick, Fordham University


Follow-Up: Hands-on Digital Humanities Workshop




Party at William North’s House


Sunday, November 8



Session 9 All in the Family: Medieval Siblings


Chair: Amy Livingstone, Wittenberg University


Emma, the Forgotten Sister? Half-Siblings and the Limits of Kinship in Tenth-Century Germany

Phyllis Jestice, College of Charleston


Masculinity and the Uses of Brotherhood: A Case Study from Late Medieval Brittany

Cameron Bradley, Macalester College







Session 10 Meaning and Saints’ Lives in Early England


Chair: Jana K. Schulman, Western Michigan University


Legible Flesh in the Old English Life of St. Mary of Egypt

Jill Hamilton Clements, Lindenwood University


Episcopal Ideals in Alcuin’s Revised Saints Lives

Kelly Gibson, University of Dallas


The Power of Inventio: Eadmer’s De reliquis Sancti Audoeni and a Cross-Channel Solution to the Canterbury-York Dispute

Bridget Riley, University of Toronto





Featured Speaker


Presiding: Laura Gathagan, State University of New York, Cortland


“Goliath thought David rather boastful”: Royal Masculinity in Kingless Societies

Ruth Mazo Karras, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities




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